How to: Find hidden islands in Island Paradise!

Thanks to a friendly suggestion made by; @CrystalsimmerTV,
this blog post will be covering the many places and tricks that will help you find hidden islands!



          So first things first, when you use map mode and are panning around the HUGE world we call “Island Paradise,” You will eventually spot a variety of white blotches down below.

          These, my friend, are the hidden islands. Not so hidden, are they? Well, technically they are hidden, since you can’t see them until a path leads you to one, but you know they’re there.

          If your anything like me, when you spotted an island, you took your sim there and tried to look beyond the thick fog surrounding the island, and you tried to walk onto the island with your sim, but nothing worked!

Well let me tell you why;

          Ya can’t just walk up onto an island and call it yours! You gotta earn it with pride, and also possibly have an incredibly awesome story to tell to your future grandchildren. I mean common, the storys’ crucial, you know!


1. Go scuba diving!

  • The easiest way to find an uncharted island is to go scuba diving in one of the scuba diving lots provided in the world.
  • Before you can go scuba diving, however, you would have to get your skill to at least level 2 before you unlock the first diving lot::::

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rocky reef~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • To level your scuba diving skill to level 2, and most importantly, level 1, you must go “Snorkeling.” That’s like the training wheels to scuba diving. You can go snorkeling in the pool, in the ocean, and NOT in lakes. ;)

  • To make things faster, you can also take classes for scuba diving at the Science Facility, or purchase the “Fast Learner” Lifetime Reward.

Anyway, once you can scuba dive, make sure you explore EVERY inch of EVERY dive lot you can get your hands on. And don’t forget the caves you can explore! There’s almost always a max of at least two caves in each dive lot, but I’m sure Rocky Reef only has one.


2. Casually Exploring!

  • Sometimes just swimming around, REALLY far out in the ocean can lead you to come upon an Island!

  • You can even be boating REALLY far out in the ocean and find one!


3. Become friends –> best friends with a mermaid

  • If you become familiar enough with a mermaid to the point that you are able to form a group with him/her, then go scuba diving together. Hopefully they will show you a secret entrance to an uncharted Island.

  • I would try to become best friends with one first, just to be on the safe side.


 4. Become a lifeguard and save 35 sims!

  • Becoming a lifeguard isn’t the hard part, but saving 35 sims can be. If you have experience with professions, you don’t always start out so hot.

  • You don’t make awesome cash, don’t have much traffic, ect. But if you wanna get to saving those sims quick, being early and efficient at work every day will get you those promotions fast!

(To become a lifeguard, you can go to City Hall or click on the lifeguard chair on a beach)


5. Make a 5-star resort! 

Yes, this method takes time, money, consideration and thinking, but in the long run you get a free island! To help get your resort to five stars, try reading this blog post! —>


6. Discover map pieces

  • You can gain map pieces by exploring every cove in each of the dive lots. In every treasure chest you will find either jewels, metals, money, collectibles, message bottles, map pieces, or a combination of those items.

  • Once you get all 4 map pieces, you are finally able to “assemble” them. (You must be on land and have a hard surface to work on)

Once assembled the complete map will mark the place of the hidden Island.


7. This is probably the hardest way; Go on an adventure!

  • What you do first is you ask a resort clerk for an adventure. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does you really have to work hard for that island.

  • If you do get the opportunity, just follow the guide’s instructions all the way through and don’t let anything get in the way of the current task. If and when you get to fight a shark, make sure you save BEFORE so that if you die, you can just try again.

  • So if the opportunity is fully completed, you unlock your Island


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Help! Where’s “Oasis Landing”? (How to travel to the future) – The Sims 3 Into the Future

             Oasis Landing is one of the worlds that come with the newly released Sims 3 expansion pack, “Into the Future.” When your game is all loaded up and ready to create sims, the option to start out in Oasis Landing simply wont be there. It’s like how Paris, Egypt, and China work from “The Sims 3 World Adventures.” You have to select the option to MOVE there once in a given world from the main menu. But in this particular expansion, the way to move to Oasis Landing has been updated and modernized to the max!

            A time portal will appear on your sim’s lot along with a sim from the future. He will hand you an “Almanac,” (which is basically a guide telling you what worlds you can and cannot travel to, along with other things you would want to remember from the future), and bring up an opportunity window asking you to collect “Power cells.” All you have to do is go around your home lot and collect all of the glowing tubes sticking out of the ground. Once you’ve gathered all of them, your task is now complete and are ready to “Return Power Cells” to the time traveler. He will then blast off into the future and you are now ready to as well!


I hope I helped you all with the possible confusion, and that you liked this VERY late blog post!

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The end of The Sims 3- My thoughts on the subject.

If you haven’t heard, the last expansion pack for The Sims 3 has been released- The Sims 3 Into The Future. Let’s Players are recording, people are buying, and the shelves are stocking. And never again will another expansion have the word, “The Sims 3″ written on it. For me, it’s a very sad time. The Sims 3 was where my passion for simming came alive, and now we are all moving on. I know I will end up playing The Sims 3 from time to time, but I will never forget the first time I first laid hands on it.

I saw a commercial on the T.V advertising the Sims 3 Pets expansion. As a child (As in 5+), I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS loved life games. Whether it be the actual game, “LIFE” or a game played by myself, I loved the idea of a life simulation game complex enough to where I could customize everything, BE anything and anyone I wanted. Change every little detail about my character, and start a little family with a house of pets and kids. I always was on the computer, searching for life games that allowed you to create every little thing your mind desired, and to be in charge of everything. At the time, I didn’t know about cool games like The Sims 1 and 2. We weren’t the wealthiest family, and we still aren’t, but I was blessed enough to have a computer I shared all of my gaming memories with. My computer is what I first experienced gaming on, level 1. Every life game I tried, none met my mental requirements. Can’t change my character’s home? Nope. Can’t change my character’s name? No way! Everything I came across was never good enough. But soon, my life would be complete.

When I saw that commercial for The Sims 3 Pet’s, my obsession and begging days began. I wrote facts, stories, drew pictures- Anything I found on the internet about The Sims 3 went into my private journal. I educated myself on it, STUDIED how the game worked. How much did it cost, how many things could you do? What could you do? Cheats? Cool, I gotta write these down! And what about trailers? Ooooh, I LOVE these! How did I miss all of this? There’s more!? Expansions, they’re called? That makes sense… So you see, I had a bee in my bonnet for that game, and I wanted it, BAD. I needed to see if this game would be the one, the one I would never let go of, EVER. Could this be it? I HAVE to find out! Days after days, I fill my mother and father in on these little details and facts about The Sims 3. Trying to get them hooked on the idea was a real challenge, but one day, it was all worth it. At the time, as a family of video game- playing siblings, we had an Xbox and Playstation 3 hooked up in our outlets. It wasn’t the expansion I had dreamed of, but it sure as heck was close enough! I recieved a PS3 version of The Sims 3 base game on Christmas morning. I was so happy I cried and thanked my mom and dad about a million times before I actually started playing the game. It was after I opened the rest of my presents, of course, but that went by pretty fast. As soon as I dumped all of the presents I opened onto my bed, I zoomed out of my room and into the living room, game in hand. I felt that soft plastic on the game, smooth as butter. I flipped the case over, and read everything on the back. I was thrilled and curious to see what all of this was. I carefully tore the rapper off of the game, and it was on from there. I pushed in the game, and sat on the coffee table right in front of the T.V,  staring wide-eyed as the loading screen filled my vison. Impatience and suspense filled my gut as I twidled the game control in my hands. I spent my time creating sims the most, which was about 1 or 2 hours. (This is where my love for Create a sim started.) My parents and aunt were practically falling asleep by the time I was done, but they stayed wide awake as they watched me play the game in complete confusion. I got mad, frustrated. I had no idea how to control this thing, no idea! It doesn’t look like how the girl plays it from youtube! How do I tilt this thing? Where are you going? How do I get over there? Ahhhh! I almost lost it, gave up, but I kept trying after I read the guide on how to control everything in the game. Sure, I wasn’t the most fast acting or best player at the time, but I sure can zip around on the game now. I loved it once I got better at playing. Every day after school, the first thing I would do was play that game all day until nightfall, or dinner. Whichever came first. My mom didn’t like my daily routine, but I LOVED it. Neither did my siblings, but I made up for it, considering I hadn’t played on the PS3 until recently since about 2010 or 11. Since then, my new (2012 new) computer and I have a very special relationship, since it brought me happiness ever since my first PC Sims game, The Sims 3 Pets. I now plan to increase my gaming comfort zones from this point on, and try all types of games! Ranging from violence to just down-right fun. I will continue to play The Sims 3 for a long time, because it’s just that awesome. I will never forget how it all started, but then again, why would I? The Sims 3 will always be my true #1 game, but I’m just glad there will be new memories to create soon.

Tips and ideas on how to NOT get bored with your Sims 3 game!

If you are an ongoing, persistent Sims 3 player like myself, becoming bored or tired with the game shouldn’t be something you haven’t come across one time or another. So here are some things you can do to hopefully prevent that from happening so much:

  • Try playing different mixtures of expansion packs: Sometimes when I play my current household, I like to stay in my comfort zone when choosing traits, choosing homes, ect. But doing the same thing every time can be a bit boring! Maybe spicing things up with a different selection of these things will widen your perspective on what you can do with your current household! Maybe throw in some bright, loud colors on the walls, or design a totally edgy and unique house frame! The choice is yours ;)

  • Make unique and different sims: Usually, a player sticks with his/her comfort zone in making sims for their household. Maybe you stick with a certain race, or a certain style with your family or single sim. Maybe changing or stretching these boundaries can make you more exited to try something new. New is good!

  • Take new risks and roads: Maybe that one job offer always gets you weak in the knees, or your son wants to become an ark builder and you give in. Try to take on different tasks and goals. You’d be surprised where those abandoned alleys take you!

  • Get items from The Sims 3 store, or custom content!: It depends on which kind of custom content you are installing, but sometimes it’s a good thing to add to your game! It adds more selection and choice for you. The Sims 3 store offers a very wide range of different styles and vibes of objects, clothing, worlds and hairstyles not provided in regular expansion and stuff packs :)

  • Mess around with your sims!: Sometimes killing off or play-torturing your sims can be fun and amusing, although I highly don’t recommend it-It does things to you. X) But if you are willing, doing those things can definitely keep you from getting bored.

  • Create an outrageous or awesome purpose for your sim beforehand: Setting a specific goal for your sim in life before they are “Born” can get you in the mood for continuing on their life. Maybe you just created your sim to get every female in Sunset Valley pregnant. Or for your sim to complete every job there is to offer, making it to level 10 in each. Setting serious and crazy lifetime goals can be fun!

  • And lastly, just take a break!: If you arent feeling any of these things or they just don’t work for you, maybe you’re brain needs a little shut down from Sims! It’s alright not being able to play Sims everyday for more than 3 hours! Sometimes your insides just won’t take the same repetitive behavior for so long. Also, although I am sometimes guilty of it myself, being on a video game for more than even TWO hours can mess with you a lil’ bit. So, take a nap, go outside, or for all it’s worth, watch t.v. But as long as your brain get’s a chance to refresh itself from the computer screen, I’m sure you’ll be un-bored before you know it!