Hello simmers! As of today, August 13th 2014, the Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo has been released to everyone owning an origin account! Whether you are new to The Sims or have been a die-hard fan since who knows when, you can find and download your digital copy today! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it can be found under these tabs: Free Games>>Demos and Betas 

sims 4


The Sims 4′s official forums are now complete! Check it out to share and gain incite on everyone’s thoughts about various things from the game!: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/




Gamescom 2014 is right around the corner- Literally! It is coming to life tomorrow in Cologne, Germany, just like last year. The Sims 4′s live broadcast will be held on SimVIP’s website, so check it out here: http://simsvip.com/2014/08/12/eas-gamescom-2014-press-conference/



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Hello everyone! Notice how I didn’t say simmers this time? :) This post clearly isn’t about The Sims 3, but rather a larger blogging audience in general. Most questions I get are ones pertaining to how I maintain my blog, design it, and how I deal with spam comments. Today I am going to share with you some things that I haven’t much expanded on, and I feel the time has come to do so.

First things first, make sure any grammatical or spelling errors are corrected: 

Spelling and writing out words to form fluent sentences are one of the most important things when it comes to writing publicly. Our society gives more respect to someone who knows how to finish a sentence, and how to get the point across in a sophisticated manner. In that case, spelling correctly is something that is very important in anything you do, especially if you want to come off as intelligent. Never settle for less!

Color schemes that are easy on the eyes and appealing:

 Choosing colors for your blog may vary depending on your overall subject, but one thing is always to be kept in mind. Choosing contrasting colors are very unsettling and hard to read. Here’s an example:


That whole picture is torture, isn’t it? Now multiply those color schemes by a whole page of words. I would probably rub my eyes and exit out of there. Now, colors like these are appropriate for Kawaii clothing and kid’s play-places, because it makes them more exiting. But if your blog subject is more of a neutral thing, choosing neutral colors would probably be best.






Font is also one of those important things to focus on when writing material on a blog, a website, or even on a newspaper. Yeah, hard to believe that news papers actually give a crap about font! And yeah, hard to believe font could make much of a difference!

Font can also be hard to read at times, especially graffiti-like font or cursive-like font. Times New Roman is the most used font world-wide because of it’s balance between a loopy and boxy appearance. On blogs, you can either set your font type in settings, or in your blog’s appearance tab. Choosing crazy and fun font is entertaining, and may be considerably enjoyable for younger audiences, but if your blog is more so meant to be taken seriously than not, a regular font like Ariel or Times New Roman would be the better choice.

What you write about and how you say it:

The content is probably the most important if not the second most important thing about reading platforms. If what you write isn’t good, why make the effort of making it look good? What’s inside of something is almost always better than what is on the outside- no matter what situation. So, make sure you get your point across and say things in an understandable manner. Put yourself into the reader’s shoes. How would they read something, when they don’t know how it sounds in your head? Make sure it is readable for you and your audience.

Your blog’s setup: Writing in big paragraphs:

When you write something without indentations or tab spacing, your writing can end up looking like this:


It’s a silly example, but it’s true! Spacing between a certain number of sentences is also easier to read, and can feel less exhausting. Sort of how serving a meal onto a smaller plate can trick your mind that your eating less, just like writing in smaller fragments can trick your mind that your reading less- But your really not! ;) Just keep in mind, famous authors write in small-to-medium sized paragraphs, modeling after them is a great way to pick up on a unique, but preferable writing style.

Your blog’s setup: Extra tabs and widgets:

When you want to do something else with your blog such as share moderate personal information about yourself, but not in a blog post, creating a tab dedicated to that idea is the way to go! Just like I have a “contact links” tab and “About Sims3luver1211″ tab at the top of my blog. That is the best way to separate fun little additional goods apart from your general writing subjects! Widgets can also be fun additional things to add to your blog, for more social media interaction with fan bases and ideas.


It’s a great way to get connected to your readers! Creating a widget is as simple as following through with a step-by-step process in the blog management part of your blog. Go through your blog’s appearance or settings tabs to find it :)


Responding to negative comments or dealing with spam comments:

The best thing to do when dealing with a negative comment is to ignore it and delete it. If you think about it, you are wasting your time to reply to someone who doesn’t deserve your time. If you feel like that person is starting rumors, saying something unbelievably horrid, or something personal that isn’t supposed to be talked about, addressing it without commotion and very little emotion in your reply is something that they won’t expect. If it is something ridiculous and/or immature, you definitely don’t have to respond to them. Deleting the comment will get rid of the problem, and just shake it off when it’s over.

If the person persists to cause annoyance on your blog, you are able to block them I believe from your comment management.

Dealing with spam is fairly easy if you have a spam filter for assistance. You can check your settings and your comment management, and if you still can’t find an option, it may be placed in a different area of your blog. There should almost always be one somewhere. Spam filters are just what they sound like. They separate comments that sound like advertisement or something dangerous, and send them to a “Spam” tab in your comment management.


If you have an email, there is a spam tab where all advertisement emails or hacker emails are sent so that you know that they are no good. That is how a spam filter works on a blog platform, except it deals with comments instead of emails.

Lastly, know your place and don’t be disrespectful:

When you write for a public audience, there are almost always going to be constructive criticism, and of course negative discrimination. But you need to be the bigger person and choose whether or not to let silly things like that get to you. If someone wastes their time writing a comment that doesn’t benefit you, don’t benefit them by showing you care. Ignoring something negative will eventually make it stop. Especially unnecessary comments on your work.

When you write something, make sure it won’t be offensive or disrespectful to disorders, race, religion, or any other sensitive matters. Writing something that will appeal to many people without being a douche is challenging, but doable.

Never publish a post without confirmation that it is publish-ready. Something that is publish ready is something that includes tips that I stated above, that’s what makes your writing your best blog work :)


Well, that seems to be it! I hope you liked that blog post and gained some insight on what could better your blog in the long run. Let me know if you enjoyed reading, and I’ll talk to you in the future with another blog post. :)

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Hello simmers! I just finished building and furnishing a family home in The Sims 3! This house contains 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, a garage, and an activity room as alternative room types. It didn’t occur to me until after I shared the house that I didn’t include a living room, but that can be easily adjustable as you could turn the garage or activity room into one! I took screenshots of the rooms and the outside of the house, so that you could get a better feel of what it looks like! I hope you like it! Enjoy :)


Front of house shots:


Left side:



Right side:





Bird’s view of 1st and 2nd floors:

First floor:


Second floor:



Front hallway shots:




Kitchen shots:


Kitchen looking into dining room:


Dining room shot:



Activity room shot:


Downstairs bathroom shot:



Garage shot: (Sorry about the lighting!)


Upstairs overview shots:




Parent’s bedroom shot: (Master bedroom)



Children’s bedroom #1 shot: (Regular sized room)


Children’s bedroom #2 shot: (Smallest room)


Upstairs bathroom shot: 


Outside shots: (Backyard)



Right side looking to the left ^


Left side looking to the right ^


Alright guys! That seems to be all of the house! If you like the house go ahead and download! Feel free to send me pictures of your sims in the house, or tell me how it worked out! Happy simming :)

Download link: (Below)


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Screenshot-193 Screenshot-194


And that seems to be it!

Here are the download links to them individually! If you want, you can merge them into the same household in CAS! They are supposed to be sisters, after all :D 

Miranda: http://www.mediafire.com/download/suc003u9opvag5k/Miranda+Highland.Sims3Pack

Mindy: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bh47vnn0c68ewhi/Mindy+Highland+.Sims3Pack


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Hello simmers! I think it is time for me to answer a few questions regarding my blog, The Sims 3, and of course- The upcoming Sims 4. I will post a Q&A article after I’ve gathered up a few questions, and will put them together for you all to see! All you have to do is leave a question down below, and I will add it! Have a good day! :)

Hello simmers! Have any of your teen sims been grounded for egging a sim’s house or skipping school, and then still sneaks around everywhere even if he/she is no longer in trouble?

Screenshot-107   < My sim “Sneaking” breakfast

Well, there is a solution to this annoying bug.


If your sim is a teen, you will have to move them out, and then back in.
(If you still want him/her in your household)

  • To move them out, you will have to wait until they age up into a young adult, and then have them or someone in the household move/kick them out. If the teen isn’t soon about to age up and you don’t want to wait until they do, (use the “Testingcheatsenabled true” cheat, followed with the “Edit in Create a Sim” cheat by right clicking the sim after) Take them into create a sim and change them into a young adult, then proceed to move them out.

cheat box

create a sim

  • To move a sim back in, you can simply scan the world and wait until you find a house with your family’s last name. (Or, most of the time you can watch the sim leave your home until he/she leads you to their new one) You can use the cheat “Add to Active Household” cheat by right clicking the sim, which adds them back into your house. Now, this also can cause a lot of chaos- Let me tell you why. If you add your sim back into your house, they are going to be in your household, but are still going to own another house- The one they moved into. So, it’d be best to::: (Below)
  • Either invite them over, or ask them to go somewhere as a group, and get really friendly with them until you get the interaction “Ask to move in” in the “friendly” section. When you ask them to move in, most likely they will say yes if you have a good enough relationship with them, and then they’ll be in your household again. THEN you can turn them back into a teenager!

I know that sounds like a lot of steps, but it can simply be done within a sim day if you use cheats :) Also, each one of those steps is worth it if you hate having your sim creep everywhere. Hopefully your sim isn’t mentally scarred anymore, and is walking normally once again!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment down below! Lastly, if you want to ask me a personal Sims 3-related question, send me an email!: Sims3luver1211@yahoo.com!
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“Arrival” Trailer: 


“First Look” trailer: 


“Create-a-sim” Trailer: 


“Build mode” Trailer: 


“Stories” Trailer:


“Smarter and Weirder” Trailer: 


Enjoy them! Thank TheSim’s Youtube account for these awesome trailers!

Subscribe to them for more upcoming gameplay footage and trailers!

TheSims youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFXKLSrT-4-Mf5TRqv40rgw


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Sims 4 new render including sexuality with first look at BABIES!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! If any of you follow Sims gurus or Sims 4 news-related profiles on Twitter, you should be updated on the fact that toddlers, pools, and many other things unfortunately will not be making it into The Sims 4′s base game. Now, let me touch base on all of the things that were confirmed to not be making an appearance in The Sims 4′s base game (To clear up any misunderstanding). I rounded all of these confirmation tweets on my behalf:



swimming, poolsPools


toddlers 9

Complete open world:


Social bunny:

social bunny

Tragic clown:

social bunny, tragic clown 3





Localized in Hungarian:


Stylized looks in Gallery:

gallery 2 gallery

NCPs’ with unusual clothing:


Color effecting emotions:


Action queue order:

action queue

Monthly subscription:


Able to play NCP jobs:

NCP jobs

Justine Keaton in TS4:

justine keaton

Locking whims (Improved wishes):


Romance skill (Formally known as woohoo skill):

reply 1

Celebrities in TS4:




Stylist career:


Individual money accounts:


Toggle animation off button in CAS:


Family funds slider:

family funds

Delayed release:


Interactive loading screens:

loading screens

Hair animations:


Teens having acne:


Female facial hair:

female mustaches

Gender interest randomizing button:

randomizing button

Buy clothing with real money:

buy clothing 2 buy clothing

Applying nail polish:

nail polish



Olive Specter:


Online connection/Player experience:

connection 2 connection

Leave the game to download from Gallery:

gallery 2 gallery


As I stated above, those are all of the things that were confirmed to NOT be in The Sims 4 when it releases on Sept. 2. Honestly,  I think the things that are lacking in the base game are either going to be added later on down the line as DLC or sneakily make their way into a future stuff/expansion pack. Actually, they might not even be sneaky at all. For all we know, they could be the BIG selling points to a later expansion or stuff pack.

The problem is, many people don’t agree with that, at all. We, as a community, (Since I’m part of it also) believe that these missing features should have been included into TS4′S base game. One, because it’s the Sims 4 for crying out loud, and 2; Most of those things are the basic necessities of life, and what better game would be crucial enough to put those things in other than The Sims 4- A LIFE simulating game.

As horrible as it may sound, I am going to take the risky side of this argument and defend EA. Just hear me out.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking; “What could be good about these things not making an appearance in TS4?” Well, before I state my points, this side of the argument is going to be from a producer’s, a company’s point of view.

When you take things out of a base game, most of the time it’s for a stupid reason, but sometimes it could be logically justified. And most of the time, companies and developers don’t wanna share those things to us consumers, simply because they know we aren’t dumb. They KNOW that whatever excuse they make up or share with us about why they can’t do this, or that, we will always find a way to argue and tell THEM how to do their job. Do you guys really think that bashing and unmannerly criticizing the producers is going to get things our way?

If you have the compassion, try and imagine yourself in their shoes. Your helping to make a world-renown game that millions of potential and loyal fans are going to end up playing. Keep in mind that’s a lot of pressure to begin with. Then, once you start to feel confident about the game’s developing progress, you start to share that developing progress with your fans. Like when The Sims FIRST announced the development of The Sims 4.

That was the day that they decided, “Hey, we’re beginning our next generation of the Sims, we’re exited, we should make them exited too- So that they can pre-order and buy the game.” That is most-likely what our producers were thinking in the early development of TS4. It’s a business. Sure, they may listen to our suggestions and feedback every once and a while, but that is only because they need to know what we like and want in a game, so that we will be more likely to buy it in the end. It appeals  to us. Back to the subject; After the early announcement of a video game like The Sims 4, they already feel rushed, conflicted.

“Now that the word is out, we gotta make this game happen. We gotta bust our butts to get the general layout of the game, the moral. What’s the focus? What are the sims gonna look like, what is the town going to look like? How are all of these things going to correspond with one another?” Those are most of the questions they ask themselves. They’re exited, pumped, feeling confident that this generation of the Sims is going to be the best one yet. But then, reality hits them.

Making a game isn’t as easy as it may seem, or look, especially when half of your fan base is doubting you and your team. I know many of you don’t understand that, but sometimes you gotta grow up and think reasonably. You know that LOOONG period of silence we had to go through after The Sims 4 was first announced? That was the time where EVERYONE involved in The Sims 4 had to make everything happen. The concept art, the ideas, everything. They took a VERY long time to actually confirm the Sims 4′s development, and that’s either because they had NO plan whatsoever for the game before then and were feeling skeptical or nervous about starting the project, or were EVER so busy developing and showing off their other finished EA/MAXIS games.

Both of these explanations are very possible, but one has to be more likely than the other. What do you think the reason is behind the long wait for TS4? Anyway, back the topic. When they are really starting to mold the game and are starting to see a faint line on their virtual Sims 4 sketch pad, they know their direction for the game. Remember this little gem? (Below)

sims 4 eyes


They could’ve gone either two ways with this one picture. A really realistic, creepily realistic sims game that everyone expects and doesn’t realize how hard it would be to actually do it. And the second way would be to create a bright, fun cartoony game that would appeal to more simmers and maybe even look better as an outcome. Some people think that The Sims 3 was where they (EA) messed up the series. They took the realistic route, and made it a so-called “boring, bland, disastrous” release. Other simmers don’t agree at all and think that it was the best of the series.

But what they did was take an average of opinions on which series simmers liked the most, and most likely Sims 1 and 2 were probably voted the highest ones out of all three, giving they were the most creative. But since the Sims 1 was more limited than The Sims 2 and 3 combined, let’s go with The Sims 2 for most-likely being the most voted. They wanted to “Go back to their roots, and the sims themselves” and really bring back that classic sims feel. Which may be why The Sims 4 projects The Sims 2′s cartoony, funny feel. Everyone loved Sims 2′s humor and charm, so bringing that back was probably the “Smart move” that they made while developing this game.

Back to the topic, again. When the team is all set and has a base to build on, that’s when they start bringing US into the picture to get our opinions, ideas, and overall point of view on the subject. When they have enough ideas from us simmers in their little virtual journal or whatever, they start what I call the “Elimination game.” They round up all of the good ideas from us, have several meetings with their companies and eliminate the ideas that won’t fit for the game’s reputation or purpose. After they’ve eliminated all of the ideas, they start to bring those ideas to life. They begin animations, recordings, designing, the fun stuff. This is about where we are at right now, see how much time that takes to just get it started?

The producers really like spieling these ideas to us so that we become exited and want to buy the game. They like showcasing their selling points to us, the things that they know we’ll love. The biggest selling points are obviously the the two creative features; Create a sim and build mode. The cow plant is a selling point as well, along with multitasking as another minor selling point… You get the picture.

Selling points are the aspects of the game that our producers like to showcase and emphasize most during development to get us to reconsider buying. But when they don’t mention something that is supposedly important to us, we all assume that they aren’t real people and they are just doing everything out of greed or selfishness. That’s when we bash them, criticize them for things that we helped them do in the first place.

When these companies say that they wouldn’t be where they are without us, they mean it. Maybe not as personal as they make it seem, but technically speaking, without our motivation, (The good kind of motivation) ideas, and most importantly, our money, they wouldn’t be making this game to begin with. So, in a producer’s eyes, it is very hard to cope with constant hopelessness and bashing from their true motivators. If we can’t give them the encouragement they need, who will? In all honesty, they aren’t making this game out of the kindness of their hearts.

They are earning themselves money, possibly providing for their families, and the game itself is for the money after all. They need the money to keep their company going. Maybe the humor and animations come from their hearts, and maybe the clothing and objects come from their hearts, but the advertising and the game itself isn’t. It’s for business. The way they make the game look is all for show, to make people want to buy it.

When people buy, they are more open and free to keep this series going, bringing better and bigger content to us as the years go by. So whether your disappointing, sad, confused, or straight up angry about what has been happening, take a walk on the bright side of town and change your perspective. It’s not all about you, it’s for everyone. This game is what it is because of us, and it always will be.


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