As you all may know, The Sims 3 Island Paradise offers a variety of new clothing, interactions, and a whole new world to explore. Aside from all of that excitement, there is also a new life form that comes with the expansion- Mermaids! Yep, mermaids! You can actually BE a mermaid yourself if you wanted to. Of course, like in The Sims 3 Supernatural, there are pre-made mermaids already set in the game like this one ^


About mermaids:

  • Mermaids, like in the stories and movies, need to be hydrated constantly to prevent drying out. When your mermaid(s) is/are drying out, they get a moodlet called, “Chapped.” When you get this moodlet, it’s most likely because your mermaid’s hydration is low. Get him/her to a bath, shower, pool or the ocean fast to prevent the moodlet from getting worse. 
  • If you don’t get your mermaid sim to some water soon, the moodlet will worsen and turn into, “Flakey.” This moodlet is warning you to get your mermaid into some water soon, before they become dehydrated and unconsious. 
  • After that, the mermaid sim will pass out. If another nearby sim doesn’t come to the rescue and dump a bucket of water on them soon, the mermaid sim will die. (Not so pressuring is it?) So if you want a mermaid in your household, it’s always safer to have an extra sim around. 
  • Mermaids will get the moodlet, “Drying up” quite frequently if the temp. is over 90 degrees outside. This moodlet is formed if you have a combination of The Sims 3 Island Paradise and Seasons both installed at once. Like if you have Seasons and Supernatural installed both at once, you unlock the “Weather stone.” This moodlet lowers your sim’s overall mood, but it is not life threatening. Just get your mermaid sim into some shade and wait until the moodlet expires. (Getting wet in the ocean, pool, bath, shower or ect. will not take the moodlet away, but it will bring up your mermaid sim’s hydration need.)


What mermaid sims eat and need:

  • Just like any other supernatural bien in The Sims 3, needs are changed to fit the species of the sim. Mermaid’s needs are changed around just a bit:

They still need: Hunger, Bladder, Social, Energy and Fun.
They replace: Hygiene with “Hydration”

  • Mermaids can eat anything that normal sims can eat, but eating sea kelp or any type of sea life food will be more satisfying to them.


Mermaids and swimming:

  • Unlike normal scuba-diving-sims, mermaids automatically unlock ALL of the dive lots in Isla Paradiso. They also automatically have a level 10 in the scuba diving skill. Once they touch water or are swimming in it, they spin into their tail and bra (Or just a tail for the men). Of course, mermaids swim a little differently than normal sims do ;)


Myth buster:

  • Mermaid sims are NOT available in CAS when you are first creating a household. However, once you turn a normal sim INTO a mermaid in game, their new scales can easily be color customized in CAS then (Mirror required). But once a mermaid, you can’t share your sim to the exchange or save him/her to the bin. So if you want to share your sim, it’d be best to do so before they turn.
  • Your mermaid sim CAN get a sunburn and/or a tan just like any other sim, just F.W.I


Mermaid random facts:

  • Evil mermaids can “Summon Sharks” when around another diver or sim under/in the ocean. The mermaid pulls out a conk shell and blows into it. Shortly afterward, over a dozen sharks can appear around the area. So, if you see a mermaid pulling a giant shell out of their butt, it would be best to return to the surface as quickly as possible. Unless you don’t mind getting attacked by sharks.
  • Mermaids act as fish, as you all may figure, so sharks, sea monsters and the Kraken won’t choose to attack them very often. 
  • When on land, you can tell that a sim is a mermaid because they have scaley legs. (You can also tell what color their tail is by their scales :D)
  • Mermaids swim SUPER fast! So if you don’t want to wait for your not-so-speedy houseboat to get you somewhere, mermaids are to the rescue! … At least in this situation X)

Shark attack tip:

  • Just like in real life, shark attacks CAN be fatile. Although, a shark attack being fatile is no everyday thing. But to be on the safe side, while your sim is scuba diving, be careful and aware of your surroundings. If you spot a shark, you can escape the danger by hiding in a nearby cave or returning to the surface. Shark attacks are almost a 50% risk, so not always will a shark choose to attack you. Just avoid them every chance you get.
  • You can increase the chances of a shark attack (although I don’t know why you would want to) by simply choosing the interaction, “Watch shark.” This increases it to almost an 80% risk. Sometimes this is done by accident and can trigger a shark attack. Just be careful… Words of wisdom here…


Turning into a mermaid and back into a human:


Turning into a mermaid:
(There are several ways you can turn into a mermaid.)

1. Befriend another mermaid:

  • Befriending another mermaid is important if you want to ask them for mermaid kelp. If you get to know them well enough, they may agree in sharing kelp recipies or fish part information. 

2. Work up to the “Mermaid Kelp” Lifetime reward:

  • Getting this LR will give you a piece of mermaid kelp in your sim’s inventory. Just select “Eat” and then your sim will soon be surrounded by splashing droplets of water and bubbles. (This is the transformation process and may possibly take a while.) Then, once the process is finished, your new sim will drop to the ground having fresh and colorful scales attached to their legs. Nice going, son! You’ve got yourself a mermaid! ;D

3. Go scuba diving (At level 10) and harvest some mermaid kelp!:

  • This method may be very hard and time consuming to pull through with. On top of that, mermaid kelp is VERY rare to spawn on the sea floor. So if you want to take that route, I would go to each dive lot every day and search thoroughly for it.


Turning back into a human:


  • When you want your sim to turn back into a human once a mermaid, the best thing to do is to just STAY OUT OF SALT WATER. My first instinct was to keep my sim out any of water period, but that will just dehydrate and kill them- You don’t want that. 
  • When your mermaid sim is starting to get “Chapped,” “Flaky,” Or anything due to their dehydration, get them into a pool, the tub or shower. If you let or make them swim in the ocean, then they will remain a mermaid.
  • Just one sim second in the sea and they stay that way, so it’s easier to keep them far away from it. Especially if you have sim autonomy on high (They will do whatever they need to in order to hydrate, such as jump into the nearest water source- The ocean.)


After a few sim days without going into the sea, (I’m not sure exactly how many) your sim will get the “Salt water deficiency” moodlet in red. This moodlet appears if you successfully keep your current mermaid sim out of salt water. It may seem scary once you first see it, but again, it isn’t life threatening. This moodlet can appear by accident, and all it’s there for is to warn or tell you that your sim is near changing back into a normal sim. This moodlet lasts for exactly 24 sim hours. 

Once the 24 hour countdown is finished, the “Salt water deficiency” Moodlet will turn into, “Adapting to land.” (This moodlet also lasts for 24 hours.) And once that time is up, your sim will cancel their current actions to turn back into a regular ol’ sim. Congrats, son! You’ve got yourself a human!


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